How to Mix Up Your Marketing With Social Networking

Many savvy companies around the world are starting to see the enormous potential that is social networking. Sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, even YouTube, are no longer just for kids anymore, as Fortune 500 giants are breaking into the world of social networking. Just like any new technology, there are ins and outs to know, as well as different strategies to use to correctly utilize these social markets. But if you learn how to utilize this new technology wisely, and learn how to effectively connect to possibly millions of potential customers and clients all over the world, then not only will your business continue to grow, but you will stay steps ahead of your competition.

Remember that people on the internet, especially in social networking sites, hate advertising. When they're on the internet they don't want to be solicited, especially when they're on their favorite social networking site chatting with friends. So how do you sell to customers, without actually selling to customers? The answer is business networking. What you want to do is build relationships. Instead of trying to sell them something they don't want to buy, offer something cool that is free, like an internet promotion, or product giveaways, to build trust with your customers. But say you can't afford any promotional giveaways at the moment. That is fine. Simply make a promotional video that your networking friends can share with other friends to gain attention and build excitement about your business.

The next step is to target your specific market base. Evaluate the kind of customers you're looking to attract, and choose a social networking site that can tailor to your needs. If you're a band, and you want people to hear your music, MySpace Music could be a perfect option. Here you can upload songs and connect with friends who can listen to your music for free, and tell you what they think. However, if you're a high-level executive consultant for a large firm, and they hire you to tap into the social markets, choosing more sophisticated sites like LinkedIn or Ryze might be a better way to go. Evaluate who your business is, and what is your goal for using social networking sites.

Keep in mind that there are two keys to success when marketing your business on social networking sites. The first is to be specific, yet bring as much attention to your business as possible. Find out which sites can be beneficial to your business, and use as many of them as you can. Build relationships with thousands of potential clients, and gain their trust, and show them that yours is a reputable business they might be interested in. The second is to be patient. Social networking success does not happen over night. It takes months and months to build a steady following, as well as get your name and business out there. Be patient and stick to it and you, and your business will have great success utilizing what social networking has to offer.

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