Music Distribution and Promotion Working Together To Sell Music Online

Want to sell music online? When you sign up for music distribution, you have just made selling music online much easier. Music distribution is nothing without PROMOTION - it's one of the most important tools in marketing. Promotion grabs attention, piques interest, and ultimately sells music online. It also gives you an edge and a captive audience that becomes a fan base. Word-of-mouth has been replaced by utilizing the Internet, social media, blog sites, and EPKs (electronic press kits).

In the marketing mix, Promotion is the link between the buyers and sellers to inform, influence, and persuade a buyer to purchase what is being sold.

If you want to stake your claim in the competitive world of online music selling, become a huge pop star, and gain fame and fortune - here are music distribution's promotional steps that you should get into:

a. Press Release (PR)
A written or recorded communication sent out to media sites, newspapers, magazines, social networking sites, blogs, or EPKs. This is a standard requirement to introduce or announce a music artist's new album, milestones in a career, or more. When writing a press release, this must contain the following:

a. 1 Headline
Create an eye-catching headline. This also includes the name of the music artist/album/track you would like to push.

a. 2 Introduction
The basic what, who, when, where, and how relating to a music artist. Include release dates and pertinent event information. Make sure it's not out of date.

a. 4 Body
The 'meat' of the PR where you hype a music artist's history, background, influences, et cetera. Make the details sound compelling enough that reader interest is piqued and they would ask for more.

a. 5 Media contact information
This is the mandatory section that states from which record label or music management a music artist belongs to. You must put the name, phone number, email address, mailing address, media links, or any other contact information for the PR or contact person.

b. Publication
Once the PR has been sent out, there should be online presence specifically on the Internet. A Google search is a good gauge if publication has been completed.

c. Blog Feature
One of the most reliable venues for online exposure is in the form of blogs. Music distribution is amplified with blog postings. Reach out to popular music blogs and request a feature on a music artist through a profile or music review.

d. EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
This is traditional promotional material in digital form. Besides the PR, you may also find biography, photos, videos, upcoming tour dates, mp3s, and more - an efficient and inexpensive way to get word out there about a music artist. For music distribution to work even further, choose an aggregator that has a reach of over 600 retailers and mobile partners across 100 countries.