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One of these gurus even told me that... "Twitter is Facebook on Steroids" Twitter is big now, but it's going to be huge. How do I know this?

Look around... watch CNN or FoxNews... these mainstream media outlets are pushing their Twitter accounts onto the viewers.

Forget Mass Following... ZZZZZ

You can't mass follow after 2,000 followers.

You only get to follow 10% over the number of followers you have. See, and that's where the problems really begin. People get stuck and can't explode upwards because of that 10% limit.

If you're not famous, chances are you're going to get lost in the shuffle on Twitter. Twitter has even rigged it so that these famous people and businesses get even more followers by putting them on a "suggested followers" list for newbies that are just getting started on Twitter.

A few people have offered $100,000 - $250,000 a year to be on that suggested users list. Why pay that kind of money? Because being on that list gets you thousands of new followers daily. So what does that tell you? It should tell you that there's a lot of money to be made by having a large following on Twitter.

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Why mass following people is extremely stupid and a huge waste of your time (besides, you can't mass follow after 2,000 followers so forget that tactic for get tons of followers)

How to use my most guarded secret... the 5-minute "Feeder Loop" tactic to ruthlessly get thousands of followers every week (I've gone into other peoples' Twitter accounts and done this 3 times a day and it works EVERY SINGLE TIME)

How to use my "Grocery Store slotting" technique and why this is 1 of the biggest keys to getting big followers #'s

Why I think Spammers are great for Twitter... the Twitter purists will hate me for saying this, but that's ok... you'll be convinced I'm right once you read what I have to say on this matter

The Twitter "Wall Building" procedure that saves me hours of time each day

Why this 1 piece of computer equipment (basically everyone has it) is essential to getting the most out of these secrets, tricks, and tactics (without it, you're leaving thousands of followers on the table each month)

I'm going to shamefully expose a stupid mistake I made that cost me an estimated 10,500 new followers (these are followers beyond what I got) over 7 weeks (you saw the chart on how my new followers I actually got... so I could've done way better if not for this simple mistake)

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I'll explain my "Crown Jewel" FSF tactic that I use with relentless aggression

Through experimenting I learned the best and worst times to rack up followers

The "Hyper Follow" Trick... this is an advanced tactic that should be used sparingly that goes way beyond simple mass following

The "CNN Headline News" tip that I kinda base 1 of my popular methods around

My dominating and super aggressive BRUTE FORCE tactic that never fails to flood me with new followers

Keep all the Twitter "spies guessing as to how you're getting lots of followers while it looks like you didn't do anything (The Revolving Door Procedure)

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