Twitter Api Closing To Automated Twitter Programs - Who Will Survive

Twitter is cracking down on automated programs that are breaking the twitter terms of service (TOS). Part of their current TOS is that the only automated software that is allowed is an automatic follow-back of your twitter followers.

Now the important thing is how this effects you.

First is that if you purchase a program that is using the current twitter api you could be without a working program in a matter of weeks.

Some of the common programs that use the twitter api is Hummingbird2. Note that Hummingbird 1 does not use the api and replicates a human in its use. Also note that if you have a MAC Hummingbird 1 will not work on the MAC as of today.

When talking to some of the staff at TweetAdder it appears they might still be functional because they might not be using the api totally. Their support team says that tweets will appear to be from the web now and they are working on an update and will be one of the few that will be working later.

We have been testing some other programs as well and after the new release that is being released (hopefully today) we might have a great Black Hat program that will allow mass marketing but from my tests so far not good for building followers. We will share more about that at a later date after we do more trials and tests to see just what it is capable of.

The support at TweetAdder is very poor from our experience but they might be one of the last survivors that offer many different functions to building twitter accounts that will be left at the end of the month. Now I wonder if they will start to provide better service or will they use this as a way to just be even worse for service and updates because twitter has gotten rid of a lot of their competition.

You might ask an obvious question right now. What about the money I spend on the programs that stop? Answer from my experience is simple. Companies have a tendency on the internet to just close their doors and even if you file a dispute or whatever they have taken the money and are gone. I have had this happen a few times over the past year with social networking tools like that took hundreds of dollars and provided no service at all. They had a system issue and everyone that paid them money was in my opinion robbed of their money and the company is still hiding out there getting ready to steal more money later. I was a lucky one in that I did not subscribe to their big VIP following where you pay them 150.00 a week for 6 months for unlimited twitter friends. They fill up you profile with hundreds of thousands of twitter one way followers but when their system had an issue you lost everyone and then had issues with twitter because many people had thousands of people over that they were following now. It was a fun experience and I do not recommend anyone doing it that truly wants to have a twitter account last.

Dr. M.G. Fox

Twitter Professional Marketing Group Consultant