Twitter Marketing - What you can and can not self-Tweet

The sole purpose of social media websites is to create a platform where people can share and communicate with family, friends, customers / users, and favorite celebrities and mentors. Create a global audience, with whom you can share your thoughts and ideas, and benefit from the knowledge of other tools. This communication warm, vibrant voluntary and sustainable if real people involved in communication.

Having these sad hints that there may be communication / Twitter replies are not made by real people. This is very true. A number of software's Twitter bot that responds to messages tweet. Truth be told, can not replace human human commitment. So if you have to keep your answers with an automatic robot tweet on Twitter, then you are rapidly decreasing his follower's participation. This is certainly not what you want.

You may disagree with this. You may have several reasons for the use of a self-tweeter but there are situations in which NEVER consider using an auto-tweet robot

In advocating a product or service By asking for the fans When offering a product / service for purchase In thanking his supporters for re-tweets, messages, etc. When you release a new blog

Not totally agree with the items listed above. This depends on what you have an account Tweeter, first. If you intend to engage your audience / followers, self-Twitter should not be an option for you.

Manually your Twitter messages helps you customize and optimize your messages, click to get the most through a quick response from their followers and create re-tweetables.

However, there are situations that require self-Twitter. Say, if you only intend to be notified supporters of upcoming events or publications, software can use a self-Twitter. If you do not really require them to answer, auto-tweets definitely serve you. A good example is the news agencies have to notify their listeners or readers of current news or video clips. This finds everything fast and drives traffic to the connection to his followers to go.

Another case where self-Twitter seems to be beneficial is when you have a schedule of tweet. Twitter is a program designed to incorporate real-time Twitter as a way to keep up and maintain an active account on twitter, to reach larger audiences in different time zones around the globe. This is no excuse for you to choose only the lines then post. You need to be personally involved in the preparation of these Twitter messages to maintain the dynamism of human participation and communication. Auto-Twitter should not also provide all the tweets of the day.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph is very important to be personally involved in the composition of their tweets if you are using an automatic robot Twitter or not. Time and effort is necessary. They strive to maintain public and current issues and provide authentic information. Tweets Dry Cleaning, redundant and repetitive boring eventually have its followers not to answer their messages.

In short, Twitter to keep out of self-dummies. They only serve to decrease the next. You do not have to send tweets every minute of every day. Take time to compose and relate to their public Twitter. That connection will create and maintain a loyal following over a long period of time.

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