Twitter Will Shut You Down And Put You In Twitter Jail

I think that at one time or another, we have all asked our selves "How do I get more sales volume from my downline?"

After some contemplation on that problem, many marketers realize that if they train their recruits in proper knowledge of the products and services it will motivate previously unmotivated members that will result in more sales. A process sometimes called duplication. ie: Duplicate yourself and you will have more sales and more recruits.

Kinda like milking a cow. You have to squeeze hard enough to get the milk out of the cow, and you have to squeeze enough times to make sure you get all the milk.

So you milk a cow the right way, you teach your members to milk a cow the right way, and the cow still only gives the same amount of milk each day.

So back to our question: "How do I get more Milk?"

The answer is easy, do the difficult tasks. Training, teaching, and duplication is the easy part. You are working with people who are already your members so there is no rejection. They joined you and want you to help them succeed, so they are willing to listen to you.

To get more "Milk"--GET MORE COWS!

That's it, get more members, recruit, take that risk of rejection and grow your organization. New recruits bring in new enthusiasm, new excitement, and start a recruitment snowball effect with your downline.

In short, your time spent with your downline in training and duplication is valuable but too much time in that area is not the best way to grow your organization.

To get more milk, get more cows.

This is not to be confused with:


The watermelon syndrome goes like this:

Two guys wanted to make some extra cash so they got this idea. They went down to the local farmers market and bought a truckload of watermelons at $1 each. They found a spot beside the road to set up shop and opened up the tailgate with a sign,


Well guess what, they sold every melon in a very short time so they went back to the farmers market and bought another truckload for $1 each. Back to the roadside stop, out with a bigger sign,


Again they sold out. Well one of the two says "Wait a minute here, we aren't making much money. We have to change something, we are selling all our melons every time and we should be making more money." The 2nd guy agrees. Then a light goes on over both these guys and they realize what they need to do.

They both jump up and yell in unison


OK, OK, I know, I just wanted to give you all something to think about.

Have a great and profitable week!

Do you tweet?

If not you should. Twitter is without a doubt the one of the best social media today for marketing online. Twitter is also brutal about shutting down accounts that abuse the system.

Twitter will allow you to have as many people follow you as you would like, which means you can have your own targeted private market. Of course Twitter has rules about followers, rules about sending messages, and rules about your tweets. If you were unaware of some of these rules, you should review them on Twitter to be sure you are in compliance or you may get your account suspended or even closed.

If you think you would like to use Twitter as a marketing source you should do it, but you should do it the right way. That is to follow all the rules. Seem like a lot of rules to follow? Well it is. But I there is a way you can be sure to follow all the rules and stay in compliance at all times.

What will do this? A Robot, or an App. Robots and Apps are allowed by Twitter so you can make your tweets outside of Twitter itself, they then send the tweet to Twitter through their own server. They are aware of all the rules to be followed and they will tell you in advance if your Tweet is going to violate Twitters rules. That way you make the adjustment before you send the tweet and no harm no foul.

So if you are going to use Twitter to do your promotions, I urge you to make the tweets through a third party that has been approved by Twitter already and stay out of Twitter Jail

So be smart, play by the rules,Tweet Later will keep you on track, and my experience with TweetLater Professional is that it put marketing on AutoPilot. (And kept me out of Jail)

Of course the marketing has to reach a large following so make sure you keep increasing you Followers.

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