Using Twitter Tools To Schedule Tweets

Do you get bogged down in the mundane tasks that go with writing a blog or tweeting as part of your business strategy? One of the easiest things you can do is schedule tweets to post automatically, allowing you to focus on the more profitable aspects of social marketing. There are many desktop clients that can handle scheduling one tweet at a time, but what if you could schedule many posts in advance, and send them to multiple social networks? Here are six top Twitter tools to schedule your tweets.

Twuffer operates as a simple Twitter buffer, allowing you to compile tweets and arrange for them to be posted at the time of your choosing. There are a number of uses for this service, such as pre-planned announcements, reminders for appointments, or notification of upcoming events.

Garious is an effective scheduling tool that will send your message to over 30 social networks. You can create custom posts, and schedule when they will go out. A account is required. It offers both a free and premium version. The free version includes ads after 50 messages, but all messages are free to send.

PostLater is designed for users with multiple blogs or micro-blogging accounts, and blogs that dont allow future-dating. You simply write your blog, then schedule the date and time you want to publish at. PostLater takes care of the rest. 4 of the most popular blogging platforms are supported, so its unlikely that PostLater wont work for you. You can test your blog for compatibility on the site. This is a premium site, so there is no advertising attached to your blog posts.

Social Oomph is more than a social media dashboard; it is one of the most powerful scheduling tools available. You can save and reuse drafts, schedule them, plus track keywords and take advantage of scheduled @replies and DMs. Learn more by watching this video. Social Oomph has both a free and Professional version; a 7 day free trial is available.

Timely analyzes your recent tweets to determine what time of day you have the most impact, then schedules your tweets to go out in that time period. By maximizing your exposure, Timely helps inspire more retweets. You can also invite collaborators to your account, to add more posts to your queue. You can check out Timely by going to their site and inputting your user name. Timely will analyze the time frame for retweets, and provide tips on augmenting your impact. is possibly the best known scheduling application. This service is free, yet powerful. Post to any of 23 social networks including Google Buzz, which has recently been added. There are more than 10 ways to post your message, including email, Skype, and apps for various mobile phones. integrates with more that 50 apps.There is even a bookmarklet available, allowing your readers to ping for you.

With the volume of tweets streaming daily, posts get buried quickly. If youre trying to grow your business, you have far more important things to focus on than getting your tweets out when your followers are most likely to be looking. You no longer need to be tied to your computer to post updates. You can schedule tweets and you can do it from anywhere.